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We partner with you to scale up your innovation to deliver business outcomes.

Innovation Scaleup Advisors (ISA) helps startups to scale up.

\We offer services to drive business outcomes with technology. We provide venture assistance for digital transformation or diversification initiatives of larger companies and standalone startups. ISA’s engagement model is to partner with clients to transform their business, scaling up consistent with their purpose, mission, and vision.

Innovator clients approach ISA when they face hard challenges to grow their business results.

Foundational Practices

ISA draws themes from various foundational practices and weaves them into a customer-specific practice to offer value-adding services to customers.
These include Diagnostic Assessments/studies, Strategy Initiatives, Operational Effectiveness, Leadership Capability, and building systems for dynamic business operations for competitive advantage.

These themes are weaved into the approach that ISA takes for solving critical business problems that a business encounters. We help you identify these problems before they pay you a visit.

Scaling the Business

This refers to contexts where the small or medium-sized enterprise is striving to scale the business with its existing set of products and in markets similar to the ones in which it is currently operating. This context refers to scaling the business without significant change in the nature of products and the type of markets. At best, it could refer to new products that are line extensions and new markets adjacent to existing markets.

ISA’s service in this category enables the business to build organization capability to scale. Such capability building requires a detailed understanding of the current business environment (external and internal), an understanding of the existing strategy of the business, changes required in the strategy to enable scaling, a robust execution plan, and a clear understanding of the capability required to execute.

Transforming the Business

Business transformation spans across Digital Transformation, Business Models, Transformation from an Ad-Hoc to Systematic way of working, and Restructuring the Organization.

Each of these aspects appears to be disparate, but is linked to each other. A digital transformation approach, for instance, might involve restructuring the organization.

New Product Introduction

This context refers to a thriving or mature enterprise that intends to introduce a new product that is in line with its current business and yet, significantly different from existing products. ISA’s services in this context will align with any new product introduction. It will help the business to articulate and validate stated hypotheses. Each hypothesis draws upon frameworks and themes relevant to it.


This refers to an SME intending to enter a significantly different business and open new markets. Entrepreneurs of SMEs explore diversification when they conclude that the current business may not be scalable. To reduce the risk for the SME, a new line of business may be perceived as essential. When the new generation in a family business or a newly hired leader takes charge of the SME, diversification aspirations get triggered too.

Organizational Effectiveness

This context refers to the context where the SME has a well-defined strategy and is facing challenges in the execution of the strategy or there is a perceived opportunity to increase the business’s profitability. These challenges lead to inefficiencies, sub-optimal utilization of resources, high cycle time, and delays in execution.
Enhancing operational effectiveness enables the organization to improve ‘return on capital employed,’ improve various operational metrics, enhance quality-related metrics (product quality, customer satisfaction, vendor satisfaction, employee satisfaction), and so on.

Building Organizational Capability

ISA helps entrepreneurial leaders to build and grow their businesses. Building core competencies, leadership capabilities, and creating a customer-centric agile organization are essential prerequisites to execute well on any of the goals.

Start-up Advisory

ISA helps technology startups to grow as thriving businesses. The term startup in ISA’s context can be a digital transformation or diversification initiative in a mature enterprise or a standalone startup organization that captures the imagination of a founder.  We adopt the definition of a startup as a temporary organization in search of a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model that needs external capital to execute its strategy for growth.  Advisory engagements are holistic, strategic, and focused on improving the effectiveness of the founder and team.  It is primarily a coaching approach, with mentoring and training mixed in as and when needed.  

ISA engages with startups as a member of the Advisory Board, for 18-36 months duration.

Consulting. Advisory. Education. Assessments

ISA’s services address the requirements of any business that is interested in scaling their capabilities for achieving growth. Consulting engagements aim to solve problems defined by our clients.  Advisory engagements are proactive and longer-term to help the entrepreneurial leaders to build and scale their firms.  Education workshops are aimed at cohorts of startups on different topics essential as the entrepreneur builds on an idea to a thriving firm.   ISA offers business scalability assessment for family offices, venture capitalists and other investors.

The ISA Team

ISA comprises of professionals who have worked across industries and technologies, and bring this decades of wealth of their experience for your  benefit.

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