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Who we are & What we do

Innovation ScaleUp Advisors (ISA)

An innovation scale-up advisory firm based in Bangalore, India

ISA works with market players and leaders seeking to execute on a tech-innovation led growth strategy, as well as, with investors and entrepreneurs seeking capital optimization to become thriving market players.

We assess innovation performance and team with our Clients as non-executives with an outside-in perspective towards innovation-led business outcomes, facilitating strategic planning, helping decision-making on business, technology & financial aspects, build capacity, managing uncertainty, and growing revenue, profitably.

We leverage our proprietary 8-Vector enterprise-development framework to accelerate economic value, reduce risk and mature processes towards building sustainable, meaningful & exceptional enterprises. ISA’s scale-up advisory services are augmented with an extensive, proprietary network of Business Associates with deep sector experience, spanning multiple geographies & specializations.


Innovation Syndication

Solution platforms and architecture for digital transformation.


Innovation Execution

Revenue management, building teams & capability, establishing market fit, growing revenue and margins, IP asset management


Capital Optimization

8-vector assessment to guide investment decisions, pivot opportunities or shutdown


We help create and scale digital business founded on disruptive digital innovations.We are one connected platform to monetize innovation value creation, globally℠.


Business Consulting — to develop strategic direction and deployment

Technology Advisory — assessment, optimization, integration and modernization

Architecture Services — blueprint and roadmap for cognitive systems, data and security

Governance — monitoring implementation


Diagnostics and Intervention Design — using proprietary 8-vector framework for enterprise development℠and technology platform—21dojo

Strategic Planning and Organization Alignment — Business Modeling, Objectives-Key Results (OKR), Talent assessment and development, Compliance & Risk Management

Revenue Management — Go-To-Market enablement

Technology Management — Architecture, Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy

Product Creation Process


Team of Advisors with strategic capabilities and experience in different domains.

Sundara Nagarajan

Managing Director

Nagarajan is an accomplished senior technologist with over three decades’ experience in large global enterprises and early stage companies. He has performed director-level technical leadership and executive management roles in product development and deployment serving Customers worldwide at global technology majors including HP, Philips, Wipro & Netapp. As Director-Technology at IPValue he developed deep knowledge and expertise in the business aspects of innovation and commercializing intellectual property.


Saravanan Sankaran

Director – Customer Success

Saravanan is an accomplished business IT leader and IT Infrastructure technologist with close to three decades’ experience in large global enterprises.   He has performed executive-management roles and technical leadership roles in companies such as JCPenney, Infosys, UOB, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Citibank. Saravanan brings extensive experience across Banking, Financial Services, Energy and Retail sectors and has worked across USA, India and Singapore delivering multiple strategic IT architecture and application solutions.


Maithilee Shirgaonkar Jamsandekar

Business & Strategy Advisor

Maithilee is a management consultant with over two decades of experience working with the C-suite of companies, from start-ups to US$ 10 Bn corporations, both global and Indian. Maithilee has provided consulting advice while at the Mahindra Group, as an in-house consultant, A T Kearney, a global strategy consulting firm, and CRISIL, India’s leading credit rating agency, in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. She currently advises educational institutions and founders/ CXOs of start-ups, SMEs and large corporations on strategic visioning, strategy development, innovation management, business excellence, and business process restructuring.


Mr. Dilip Kumar

Board Member, Director

Dilip is a practicing Chartered Accountant with over two decades of experience. He is the founder of a thriving CA firm in Bangalore. Personally, Dilip advises early-stage enterprises, SMEs, subsidiaries of foreign companies, acting as a virtual CFO. He advises clients on setting-up businesses in India, corporate structuring, due diligence, valuation, mergers and acquisition, post-merger integration, financial prudence and cost management, digital technology adoption for finance, liquidation under IBC. He is also a mentor training promoter on various platforms.



Sanjiv K Varma

Director, Product Development

Sanjiv Varma is an accomplished software engineering leader with over two decades of experience working with large global enterprises and start-ups & have been on the entrepreneurial journey himself.
He has been in director-level roles leading  teams spanning inter-op, product management, technical marketing, software engineering, technical sales & technical support during the stint at Wipro, Apara Enterprise Solutions, NetApp & Zaloni.

Passionate about business innovation and leveraging technologies that assist in better decision making.

8 Vectors

Our proprietary 8-Vector enterprise development framework

Executing innovation is accomplished when individuals with varied skill sets come together for the sole purpose of creating non-linear value. We team with our clients with a “company building” & “outside-in” focus across 8 major vectors representing key functional areas of the business.

Our proprietary 8-vector framework is applied to score & perform gaps analysis which is then used to key actions that align with the the joint 1000 day target roadmap. Periodic MIS assessments, along these 8-vectors, are done alongside comprehensive audits. The KPIs & assessment criteria are tailored from time to time, based on progress.


People centric culture fostering engagement, preserves respect for the individual while driving collective throughput. Efficiently run human resources can provide an organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing the company’s most valuable asset – its employees.


Clarity of purpose and mission, well-articulated business choices & non-choices, business model development, agility towards market opportunities, and the framework for decision-making, executing & tracking.


Creating an economic moat through effective innovation, differentiation, engineering, service delivery, internal systems and practices to ensure quality at any scale.


Tight alignment of market, customer, product, sales and support mix is critical for business success.


Financial rigor and discipline to manage unit economics, profitability and capital efficiency as well as systematic budgeting & planning of financials is critical to asset-light scale up.


A data-driven decision-making culture, planning & review cycle, as well as augmenting key workflows with automation & the effective use of information science to synergize the organization.


Ensuring accountability & business continuity through effective corporate governance, risk mitigation & management as well as compliance is a fundamental necessity for scale-up.


Enabling step change through a dedicated effort towards sequential financing, M&A, new products, customers and markets can fundamentally alter the growth trajectory.


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