Borne out of in-depth exploration, this book emerges from probing the perspectives of technologists and other skilled professionals driven by the ambition to establish influential enterprises. This book is primarily for tech entrepreneurs—especially first-time entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, students contemplating startups, and research professionals looking to commercialize innovation. Navigating this journey inherently presents complexities, particularly for functional experts, as it entails numerous dimensions and pathways filled with pivotal decisions that profoundly influence their ultimate results.

The objective of the book is to provide first-time entrepreneurs with a practical, down-to-earth book that will facilitate creation of business plan across the lifecycle of their start-up organization.
It deals with typical challenges faced by entrepreneurs who are starting out on their first venture. While they have an idea or number of ideas, they are unable to work in a structured manner to convert their thoughts into a business proposition.
The book provides a direction to work with such challenges. It provides a balance between ‘conceptual frameworks’ and ‘application at the start-up context’. It focuses on many of the real-life challenges faced by entrepreneurs and it provides direction to work with the challenges.
The intention is to be aware of the fact that a new business (start-up) may lack resources (money, time, competencies and infrastructure) and to help them to create robust plan documents that will enable them to move to action stage and monitor their progress with reference to goals that have been set.